where is Audi Q5 Made

how it s made 2017 audi q5 at factory in mexico audi is moving production of the q5 from ingolstadt to its brand new factory in mexico which represents the pany’s first car plant on the north american continent audi q5 audi q5 the audi q5 is series of pact luxury crossover suvs produced by the german luxury car manufacturer audi from 2008 [1] the original first generation typ 8r model was the third member of the b8 family to be released after the audi a5 and fourth generation a4 all being based on the audi mlb platform audi q5 how it s made mobile geeks the new audi q5 is manufactured at 180km southeast of mexico city audi’s san josé chiapa plant is a robot lovers wet dream where automation is king and humans make sure their robot friends are staying on track q5 model overview the audi q5 is a premium mid size suv with everyday usability and unparalleled workmanship the q5 tops its segment with a broad range of high tech options find out audi q5 how it s made audi q5 how it s made located 180km south east of mexico city audi’s san josé chiapa plant is a robot lovers wet dream new audi q5 being made in mexico forbes this new q5 is now made in mexico its production has switched from the pany’s base in ingolstadt germany to a new $1 3 billion factory in puebla audi opens mexico plant to build q5 automotive news audi unveiled the second generation q5 at the paris auto show this week the mexico plant is audi’s first factory outside of its established export base in europe to assemble vehicles for global export its china made vehicles are sold only in china

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