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what country are audi cars made in a most audi vehicles are made in ingolstadt or neckarsulm germany but shared assembly plants around the world manufacture audis and other vw vehicles audi was founded in 1899 as horch & cie in the city of cologne germany and it was acquired by the vw group in 1966 audi audi pronounced [ˈʔaʊ̯diː ʔaːˈgeː] listen is a german automobile manufacturer that designs engineers produces markets and distributes luxury vehicles audi is a member of the volkswagen group and has its roots at ingolstadt bavaria germany ingolstadt audi production worldwide audi group audi is also pursuing its vision of manufacturing of all vehicles made in ingolstadt pletely co 2 neutral audi forum ingolstadt is the audi experience world at which country are audi cars made answers audi headquarters are in germany audi cars are manufactured in these countries belgium brussel china changchun germany ingolstadt and neckarsulm hungary györ india aurangâbâd indonesia jakart…a malaysia shah alam mexico monterrey and puebla slovakia bratislava spain martorell the right answer is b a german cars list that’s not made in germany a german cars list that’s not made in we’ve assembled a german cars list that doesn’t and they’re made as well as cars from any country in the world where are audi cars built carsdirect during the first decade of the 21st century audi more than doubled the number of models available for sale in the united states where are audi cars built audi is made in which country this site will tel you about audi is made in which country prices audi is made in which country redesign and audi is made in which country reviews audi group production sites pany audi ag the global network of audi group production sites includes the two german sites of ingolstadt and neckarsulm as well as production facilities in hungary belgium and 10 german vehicles not actually built in germany did you know some german cars aren t actually made in they assembled the cars in other countries… but the pieces are made in i do believe audi does use revealed where your new car es from whichcar your shiny new ride probably won’t e from the country the revealed where your new car es built audi a7 and vw tourareg spanish made

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