How to Change Oil In toyota Rav4

how to oil change toyota rav4 2 5l 4 cylinder 2013 2016 diy and save money how to change the oil on a toyota rav4 with the 2 5 l engine this is on a 2013 rav4 but the steps should be the same for other years you want to use a how to change a rav4 oil filter changing the oil in your toyota rav4 is a little bit different from a traditional oil change that s because the oil filter isn t a traditional style it s an oil filter cartridge which needs to be removed from a housing then installed on the engine it s a bit trickier to remove and does take some special tools but it can still be done at home in this case the project vehicle is a 2006 toyota rav4 with the v6 engine oil change and oil filter change on a toyota rav4 how to change the oil and oil filter on a toyota rav4 oil & filter change toyota rav4 2006 2012 2009 toyota this video shows you the location of your oil drain plug oil filter oil fill cap and dipstick in addition to the steps needed to change the oil and filter in your rav4 for most toyotas you can wrap an old belt around the oil filter and unscrew it by hand if you can t do this see our parts page to find how to change oil on a toyota rav4 faq advice all advice we re here to help you with any car issues family looking for tips on how to carry or travel with your family adventure how to off road tips toyota rav4 engine oil change guide 2013 to 2016 model how to change the motor oil and replace the cartridge oil filter in a fourth generation 2013 to 2016 toyota rav4 suv with the 2ar fe 2 5 liter inline four cylinder how to change the oil in a toyota rav 4 you don’t have to be a seasoned mechanic to change your own oil find out how to do an oil change in a toyota rav 4 with this step by step video scroll down for how to change oil filter toyota rav4 changing the filter on a toyota rav4 is going to require a little more effort ingenuity tools and replacement parts the toyota rav4 oil filter is an internal cartridge that must be removed from the engine to change the oil filter on your toyota rav4 you will need a replacement cartridge a large o ring a small o ring

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