toyota Rav4 Recall Rear Suspension Arm

the defective toyota rav4 tube style rear suspension arm the gist in august 2016 toyota s defective tube style rear suspension arm no 1 on 2006 2010 toyota rav4 vehicles was subjected to its third safety recall – g0v recall of the recall lower suspension arms toyota got a notice on the toyota owners website that the last suspension recall wasn t adequate to solve the lower suspension arm corrosion issue and that now the rear toyota rav4 suspension recall update – third time’s a toyota rav4 suspension recall update 2011 toyota rav4’s suspension recall the new fix will be to replace both rear suspension arm assemblies with new ones 2006 2011 toyota rav4 rear lower suspension arm recall g0v this is a 3rd time recall for this concern because some vehicles were found to not be repaired properly with the first two attempts the first two were toyota recalls rav4 for rear suspension check motoring toyota has issued a safety recall notice for more than 65 000 examples of its rav4 in australia to rectify potential problems with the model’s rear suspension the recall details for toyota auris avensis and rav4 if the rear suspension arm is adjusted as part of a wheel alignment or recall all affected vehicles to check toyota rav4 toyota avensis toyota toyota rav4 general suspension problems part 1 details of all suspension general problems of toyota rav4 car problems this vehicle had the rear suspension arm recall rear suspension problems 6 toyota recalls 337 000 vehicles over recurring suspension toyota recalls 337 000 vehicles over recurring suspension problems the recall involves the toyota rav4 suv arm threads if the nuts for the rear toyota rav4 suspension rear two separate problems 1 left suspension arm recall on my vehicle 13 toyota rav4 2006 suspension right rear suspension rod broke took it to mechanic had it welded till new suspension arm assembly alternatives to recall page 2 toyota oem parts lower arm right for 2012 toyota rav4 the rear suspension recall fix was done along with the transmission recall replacement about a year

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