toyota Yaris Litres Per 100km

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toyota fuel economy research pare fuel efficiency vehicle model car description car transmission miles per gallon litres per 100km co2 emissions engine size fuel usage toyota yaris hybrid t3 1 5 vvt i hybrid e cvt actual mpg from 1 628 toyota yaris owners fuelly the most accurate toyota yaris mpg estimates based on real world results of 30 2 million miles driven in 1 628 toyota yaris toyota yaris 1 5 petrol m5 fuel consumption & efficiency fuel consumption in l 100km city 6 9 liters per 100 km highway 5 4 liters per 100 km toyota yaris 2017 review toyota claims a fuel consumption figure of 6 4 litres per 100km on the bined fuel economy cycle across the 1 3 litre and 1 5 litre auto equipped engines 5 8l 100km for the 1 3 litre manual and 5 9l 100km for the 1 5 litre manual toyota yaris mpg fuel consumption car emissions co2 carbon dioxide mileage fuel economy and other emissions data for toyota yaris cars toyota yaris average fuel consumption is 57 5 mpg or 5 1 litres 100km and average co2 output is 122 8 g km based on 188 models toyota yaris i 1 0i 16v 68 hp technical catalog information is collected from publicly available sources 0 toyota yaris i 1 0i 16v 68 hp technical specifications fuel economy consumption fuel economy toyota yaris hybrid 80 7 mpg 3 5 l 100km 79 average mpg and fuel consumption of the toyota yaris hybrid automatic e cvt is 80 7 miles per gallon or 3 5 liters per 100km find the cars with the best mpg or work out you average car mileage by using our fuel economy calculator autozine review toyota yaris toyota promises an average fuel consumption of 4 8 litres per 100 km 59 mpg and that can actually be done with a calm driving style because there was a lot of city traffic on the test route which wasn t pensated for by a stop start system the test drive cost 5 2 litres per 100 km 54 mpg toyota yaris 1 5 petrol e4e fuel consumption & efficiency yaris from toyota is a sub pact car with a 1 5 l petrol engine it has four cylinders and uses premium unleaded gasoline it is equipped with the electronic automatic gearbox transmission 4 speed gearbox with electronic overdrive what is a hybrid car for a start they recycle energy and have two engines working in harmony to deliver figures as impressively low as 3 litres of petrol consumed per 62miles 100km a noticeable return indeed and one that can be further reduced when driving in eco mode course if you want to eliminate that figure pletely simply select electric ev mode go easy on the pedal and you won’t use a single

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