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which audi slogan best captures the brand audi grid vorsprung durch technik the german phrase that is the audi slogan was coined in 1971 just as the automaker was emerging as a frontrunner in innovative design and technology the strapline is one of the most longest running in advertising history and is used all over the european continent in audi ads audi audi s slogan is vorsprung durch technik meaning "advancement through technology" however audi usa had used the slogan "truth in engineering" from 2007 to 2016 and have not used the slogan since 2016 audi along with bmw and mercedes are among the best selling luxury automobile brands in the world what is the slogan for audi quora audi s slogan has recently been updated to "truth in engineering " but the slogan a few years ago was "innovation through technology " innovation through technology its slogan or tagline is vorsprung durch technik meaning "progress through technology" more recently however audi has updated the tagline to "truth in engineering" in the u s a slogan is a sentence that represents the pany for example nike just do it or woolworths the fresh food people answer a slogan is a what is the audi car slogan in english – kgb answers audi factory made a globally recognised ad slogan vorsprung durch technik which means advancement through technology the slogan was first used in germany back in 1971 to present the new nsu range of cars after the emergence of the freshly merged pany of audi nsu auto union ag famous advertising slogan by audi quotationsnk have fun remembering the famous advertising slogan used by the audi pany as an aid to the advertising publicity promotion and marketing of their product this famous advertising slogan is so well known that it has entered our everyday language and used as a quote or quotation 200 famous car slogans and taglines car manufacturers have used many catchy car slogans to attract more customers and to build a brand they also used car slogans to distinguish themselves from other brands we have collected a huge list of car slogans & motto’s that were used by the famous brands around the world to advertise their automobiles in the marketplace what does vorsprung durch technik mean cars & life audi uses domestic versions of this slogan this post discusses my observations in the past this post discusses my observations in the past when you see an audi advertisement visit their website or pass by an audi dealer you see one thing that unless you know german you never understand – “vorsprung durch technik” vorsprung durch technik the meaning and origin of this what s the origin of the phrase vorsprung durch technik this phrase has been used as a strapline in adverts for audi cars since the 1980s capitalizing on the german reputation for technical expertise audi wins seven year battle over vorsprung durch technik almost 30 years after advertising doyen sir john hegarty spotted the line "vorsprung durch technik" at an audi factory and made it a globally recognised ad slogan the car manufacturer has won a long legal battle to take full control of it as a trademark

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