How Many Miles Does An Audi A4 Last

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audi a4 questions what is the average expected lifespan i have a 2006 audi a4 2 0 turbo cvt engine i bought it with 73k miles and i currently have about 108k i drive mostly highway miles to and from work otherwise my car is in great shape due to the amazing audi dealership i have had regular maintenance and keep it really clean how many miles is too many for audi cars reddit how many miles is too many for audi but this will be my last audi for awhile too many things that shouldn t i had a 1998 a4 from 89k miles to 140k how many miles can an audi engine last audiworld forums a6 s6 c5 platform discussion how many miles can an audi engine last i know this depends on a lot of factors and high mileage seems to be a relative term in for how many miles does the audi a4 turbo quarto engine last i have 190 000 miles on a 1998 audi a4 turbo quarttro and engine is still running strong have done regular maintenance and oil changes every 3k 4k miles with moble1 0w 40w synthetic how long should my audi last maintenance repairs car part i how many more miles can i reasonably expect to from this car and how long should my audi last your audi has a lot of miles left in it how many miles does a 2010 audi a4 last up to before going im ing a used audi a4 2010 it has 85 000 miles on it is that bad also if well maintained how many miles will it last to audi a6 questions how many miles will this car last 10 answers i m going to an audi a6 wagon and it currently has 131k miles i want to keep it for about four years and i live in a small town so about 10 15k miles a year how long does and audi a4 quatro last yes the car can go 300 000 you ll need to do a timing belt job at around 160 000 miles or so audi says every 80 000 so i ll assume the last owner did it also the suspension on that car is expensive to fix so have someone who knows audi look at it and make sure it s in good shape other than that it s normal wear and tear things that all cars need high mileage audi a4 diesels motoring discussion high mileage audi a4 diesels i admit to risking it by not replacing at the last belt change i do check the belts but unbelievably they i do enough miles

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