Bernie Sanders Audi R8

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fact check did bernie sanders buy a $172 000 car with this particular photograph of bernie sanders was real but it didn’t show an audi r8 it was taken from sanders’ official government page and depicted the senator bernie sanders and the $140 000 audi r8 – investment watch but truthorfiction doesn’t really know that bernie sanders had not used campaign funds to an audi r8 bernie sanders did an audi r8 with other funds bernie sanders drives $170 000 audi r8 sport car fiction false claims that bernie sanders bought an audi r8 using campaign funds are based on a photo of a man with a passing resemblance to sanders driving the car we discovered the truth behind that bernie sanders driving over the past day or so a picture that’s allegedly of bernie sanders driving a roughly $160 000 audi r8 has been circulating online along with the allegations bernie sanders and the $140 000 audi r8 by dr eowyn definition of hypocrisy the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform vermont senator does bernie sanders drive an audi r8 the truth serum i noticed this the other day on infowhores is this really berniesanders regardless he lives off of taxpayers dollars & his wife bankrupted a college why does bernie sanders drive a $ 175 000 audi r8 if he is bernie sanders has no solidarity with the poor masses of the proletariat or even with the middle class bourgeoisie is bernie sanders just a wealthy

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