is Audi Care Worth It

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audi care worth it audiworld forums q5 sq5 mkii discussion audi care worth it anyone here re mend ting audi care i m a car guy and i usually do most of my own maintenance is audi care worth purchasing my hope is that as you read this you are still holding on to the fancy brochure for ‘audi care’ or ‘audi care plus’ and haven’t pulled the trigger to audi care worth the money redflagdeals forums i just got a audi on a four year lease they re offering the audi care package at $750 i m wondering if this is a good deal i try really little so i audi care worth the money redflagdeals forums i found audi care well worth it unless you re going to a non dealer shop or doing it yourself you will save $500 or so by ing the service is the audi care package for the audi q5 worth it quora if you intend to keep the car beyond the factory warranty the audi extension not aftermarket audi only i previously worked for a vw porsche audi dealer audi care worth it on a lease — car forums at edmunds thinking of leasing a 2017 audi a4 however i was curious if audi care was worth it on a 36 12 lease the dealer informed me that it isnt worth it on a lease since the first service is plimentary at 5k leaving only two services left on the lease which the dealer estimated to be about $350 total for service what are your takes on it is audi care a good deal the audi maintenance plan explained with maintenance visits costing anywhere from a couple hundred to over six hundred dollars the audi care maintenance plan can save you a lot of money audi care for new 2014 audi a6 is it worth audiworld a6 c7 platform discussion audi care for new 2014 audi a6 is it worth hi all i m new to this forum and i just got a brand new 2014 audi a6 2 0t i m five add ons car dealers will try to sell you a typical isa pot of £24k will only pay for 39 weeks in a care home not the two and a half year average it is also worth trying to negotiate on price here

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