How Do You Pronounce Audi

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how do you pronounce audi audi reddit the pany name is based on the latin translation of the surname of the founder august horch "horch" meaning "listen" in german be es "audi" in latin so wouldn t it be ah dee since we pronounce all other words with the same latin root with the ah sound like audio audible au nce audi pronunciation how to pronounce audi in german pronunciation guide learn how to pronounce audi in german english latin french danish esperanto spanish italian polish interlingua with native pronunciation audi translation and audio pronunciation how to pronounce audi howtopronounce how do you say audi in english pronunciation of audi found 10 audio voices 2 meanings and 5 sentences for audi audi ow or aw pronunciation trippy if you pronounce audi without ting your lips to her in between the word you will be fine in other words the w portion should be as small as possible pj how do you pronounce audi answers the correct pronunciation of audi from latin "audire" = to hear is ow dee in both latin and german eibach how do you pronounce it i went into a shop the other day to ask about eibach springs but when i bowled up to the counter and said "how much for your ee batch springs mate " how is "audi" really pronounced audiworld forums a6 s6 c5 platform discussion how is audi really pronounced i always thought it was pronounced ouw dee but some people seem to think its aw dee i m pretty

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