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what is the difference between all of the bmw s cars it seems like the m4 and m3 are the same almost and whats the difference between like the 1 2 and 3 series just a simple explanation would be nice thanks just a simple explanation would be nice thanks bmw 1 series vs bmw 3 series the bmw 3 series has been a staple of the german brand’s model range since the mid 1970s that means the pany has had plenty of time to refine its offering and it’s done a rather good job what is the main difference between the bmw 3 series and 5 we have both cars in our stable a 3 series and 2 bmw 5 series yes they have same engine and it s an award winning engine too if space is not an issue then age does matter bmw 3 series are for people aged between 16 and 35 young people its suspension is harder room is smaller styling is catered to young people while bmw 5 series is catered for more mature people in their 30 s up to 90 s suspension is better room more spacious styling more elegant rather than sporty what is bmw m sport is it worth it bmw 3 series old vs new facelift version pared bmw 3 series sizes and dimensions guide we use cookies to improve your experience and allow us and 3rd parties to show personalised ads here and on other sites 2015 bmw 3 series vs bmw 4 series the immediately noticeable difference between the bmw 3 series and 4 series is the body style the 3 series is only available as a four door sedan while the bmw 4 series is available as a 2 door co upe or convertible for many drivers that makes the choice between the 3 series and the 4 series one of practicality versus sport what is the difference between bmw m sport and m series what is the difference between the 2016 bmw 318d m sport and the bmw 318d are the bmw m series cars worth the money should i a used 3 series or 4 series bmw bmw 4 series new vehicles the bmw 4 series range perfectly bines elegant design with sporty performance book your test drive today

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