Bmw Yellow Oil Light

bmw 3 series questions yellow oil warning light cargurus yellow oil warning light when starting my car after about ten seconds the yellow oil warning light es on this stays on for about ten seconds and goes yellow oil light es on then goes off bimmerfest bmw yellow = oil level sensor red = oil pressure sensor if she sees a red oil light make sure she knows to shut the engine down asap "full" on my car means driving bmw after minimum oil level warning light yellow assuming it s a worst case scenario and it s not possible to top off the oil how many miles can the e90 and f10 gasoline models be driven before the bmw oil level sending unit – low oil warning – yellow light the oil level sensor will not cause the check engine or service engine soon light to e on if this warning light is on there is an engine management fault code 2001 e46 320d yellow oil warning light bimmerforums the girlfriend has just called saying the car has a yellow oil warning light on is it correct the oil warning light is yellow for oil level low and yellow oil light after turning off engine bimmerforums i have been ting the yellow oil light flash up and beep intermittantly after switching the engine off in my z4 i know from the manual that this means i need a dreaded yellow oil light help e46fanatics dreaded yellow oil light help dont change it for nothing u did say u were going down a hill if u know how the oil pan of a bmw is made ull know that at bmw 3 series questions the oil indicator light es on the oil indicator light es on intermitantly just had an oil and filter change no oil leaks visible and the oil level is fine how can i tell if the oi yellow oil light es on after engine switched off z4 hi all had a random thing happen twice now a couple of times when i have driven the car i park up and when i switch of the engine the oil warning light es on yellow "engine symbol" warning light on a 3 series bmw the yellow symbol on the dash of my bmw 325ti pact 2002 has e on it looks like a little engine with no text any idea what it means and what i

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