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advice on repairing run flat tyres repairing run flat tyres can run flat tyres be repaired in some instances it is possible to repair run flat tyres after they have experienced a puncture although not all garages and tyre depots have the inclination or the equipment to do this repair of tire punctures continental tires if the tire specialist decides to repair the tire then he should strictly follow all appropriate national tire industry repair standards regarding the inspection process and repair procedures continental is not responsible for the specialist’s decisions or the repaired tire run flat tyres the definitive guide national tyres and an increasing amount of vehicle manufacturers are opting to fit new cars with run flat tyres – so when you for example a new bmw 5 series or mini then it will e with four run flat tyres this means that it will not have a spare tyre or tyre changing equipment included as standard ssr – the self supporting runflat tire continental tires ssr – the self supporting runflat tire products for car van 4×4 dealer locator the ssr system is a runflat technology developed by continental especially for low section tires which still keeps the tires patible with all standard rims the ssr principle is based on a self supporting reinforced sidewall in case of a puncture this prevents the sidewall from being crushed continental run flat tires bmw at tire rack continental run flat tires bmw found in all season run flat tires a new er with great ride quality do i have to put run flat tires on my bmw cheap run flat tyres buy line tyre brands like pirelli continental goodyear and michelin invest a great deal of time and resource in the research and development of new run flat tyres to ensure their run flat tyre products offer maximum safety that never promises performance or control run flat repair at tire rack run flat repair found in can my run flat tire be repaired tire tech information flat tire repairs after driving on flat run flat tires can you repair that flat tire should you replace it bmw equips the majority of their cars with run flat tires they do this because it provides their customers with a few added benefits you can drive on a flat tire the main benefit of a run flat bmw’s run flat tire philosophy ‘we don’t want to mess bmws are far from the best selling vehicles in the u s halfway through 2016 bmw sales amounted to not quite market share with a little more than 153 000 vehicles sold according to statistics piled by good car bad car still that relatively tiny segment of new car sales is a driver for an entire category of tire technology run flat tires

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