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electric cars model types the new bmw i3 and bmw i3s have an enhanced 120ah battery which provides an incredible all electric range of up to 160 miles this makes it just as practical as its petrol engine equivalent and to ensure that recharging is as convenient as possible bmw has rolled out the chargenow service with 6 100 public charging stations bmw i3 price s and specs car and driver for 2017 bmw gave the i3 a sizable range boost with the addition of a 33 2 kwh battery pack for an extra $2050 the new pack required no more space than the old one and provided an epa rated 114 miles of electric range on a charge that’s a significant jump up from the entry level pack’s 81 mile rating bmw i3 review 2018 autocar just as before the i3 is available in an all electric form or as a range extended petrol electric version that falls back on a two cylinder petrol engine when its drive battery be es depleted but in addition to that choice bmw now offers a 181bhp de facto performance version of the car alongside the standard 168bhp model bmw i3 review prices specs and 0 60 time read about the bmw i3 s mpg and running costs here prices specs and rivals the government s £4500 plug in car grant makes the all electric i3 a £30k car bmw i3 review 2018 read the definitive bmw i3 2018 review from the expert what car team check specs prices bmw i3 2018 review from the expert what car electric cars are no bmw i models bmw usa the future has arrived from the all electric bmw i3 and i3s to the sleek sporty plug in hybrid bmw i8 coupe and i8 roadster – wel e to the world of electric mobility bmw i3 review the bmw i3 for sale today actually has its roots in a 2010 concept car called the mega city vehicle and was designed from the ground up to feature an all electric powertrain there’s a petrol version available too but only in the sense of the bmw i3 range extender rex option bmw i8 review those miraculous numbers are the product of the i8’s petrol electric hybrid engine to her with the culmination of all bmw car of this type and price best electric cars of 2018 revealed its relatively high price that prevents the car from prices exceeding the bmw 5 all electric volkswagen e up city car exchanges a 1 0 bmw s 2020 electric family car with a 373 mile range bmw hopes its new all electric family sized coupe will take the fight to tesla and its buying a new car find the dealer with the best prices portfolio

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