Is Mini Cooper Made by Bmw

mini clubman
mini marque the mini cooper and cooper "s" were sportier versions that were successful as rally cars alongside the first mini mark i ever made who makes mini cooper cars quick answer as of 1994 mini cooper cars are made by bmw prior to its acquisition by bmw the mini cooper was made by the british motor corporation and later by british leyland and the rover group the 2014 mini cooper is the future bmw jalopnik jalopnik reviews all of this rear engine hatchback almost became the new mini cooper in 1994 bmw made the curious it s the best mini cooper ever made where are mini cars built carsdirect where are mini cars built not every model of bmw is manufactured at every bmw factory and only a one of these places manufactures the bmw mini the history of the mini cooper bmwblog the history of the mini cooper has been one that has seen the bmw retained the mini further changes were made to the cooper to include kit and what pany makes the mini cooper quora the mini cooper was made by the bmc after by british leyland after the brand was sold to the land rover group in the 2000s the brand was bought by the german bmw mini a brief history telegraph under the ownership of the bmw group the mini and detail upgrades were made to its exterior design sportier cooper models

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