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bmw i new vehicles bmw i stands for visionary electric vehicles and mobility services inspired design and sustainable production offering premium e mobility menu cars search close bmw i3 review the bmw i3 for sale today actually has its roots in a 2010 concept car called the mega city vehicle and was designed from the ground up to feature an all electric powertrain there’s a petrol version available too but only in the sense of the bmw i3 range extender rex option rex equipped i3s have a small two cylinder engine from a bmw scooter installed under the boot floor which works as a generator to keep the batteries charged ‘off grid’ bmw i3 review 2018 the bmw i3 is at the forefront of this movement it can offer a realistic range of 100 125 miles in pure electric vehicle ev form or you can pay more to a range extender version the latter adds a two cylinder petrol generator that can stop the batteries from going flat in theory the range extender will keep going as long as you keep refilling the tiny fuel tank – but since it only adds another 70 80 miles of range you ll be making frequent stops at petrol stations bmw i3 car and driver for 2017 bmw gave the i3 a sizable range boost with the addition of a 33 2 kwh battery pack for an extra $2050 the new pack required no more space than the old one and provided an epa rated 114 miles of electric range on a charge that’s a significant jump up from the entry level pack’s 81 mile rating the range extender can only be added to the optional larger battery pack providing three total powertrain choices for the 2017 i3 bmw i3 review 2018 autocar the bmw i3s receives more power lower suspension and bigger wheels than the regular i3 adding some keenness to drive to the already funky pact electric car 2016 bmw i3 94ah range extender review bmw i3 review prices specs and 0 60 time bmw s i3 city car was one of two new vehicles to launch the bavarian i brand alongside the seminal i8 sports car while the latter is more of a traditional evo kind of car the i3 still holds bmw s 2020 electric family car with a 373 mile range taking on tesla bmw will launch an electric family car with a 373 mile range in 2020 but today s model s wins at top trumps bmw i vision dynamics concept revealed at the 2017 frankfurt motor show it will take the i5 name slotting into bmw s i range with the i3 and i8 supercar bmw i3 and i3s new vehicles enjoy even more freedom on your electric adventures thanks to the bmw i3 and bmw i3s which are powered by the enhanced 120ah high voltage battery with an increased all electric range of up to 160 miles over 6 100 uk charging stations and quick charging dc stations which charges to in up to bmw will build an all electric mini in 2019 a fully electric version of the three door mini will go into production in late 2019 at the oxford plant says bmw this is the first confirmation it’s the three door car the news is part of bmw i8 reviews bmw i8 price s and specs see a bmw i8 rolling down the street and you’ll immediately take notice—especially if that i8 is the sharp edged new roadster model it’s hard to think of a car on the road today that looks

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