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BMW 1999 2006 3 Series E46 Fully Disabling DSC Traction Control Guide
what is and how dsc works bmwblog as i mentioned at the beginning of this article dsc stands for dynamic stability control and dtc is dynamic traction control if the dsc button in your dashboard is pressed once the dsc system what is the function of the dtc button in a bmw quora dtc button controls the 3 bmw’s traction control settings i’m going to add a little which may not be covered by gene’s answer there are 3 settings 1 dsc dynamic stability control 2 dtc dynamic traction control 3 f dsc is for everyday d how does our dsc button work bimmerfest bmw forums the dsc button turns traction control off on when this is "lit up" the traction control is off aka the go fast button here is the cross post with more info bmw dsc switch find great deals on ebay for bmw dsc switch shop with confidence what exactly does the dsc button do in a bmw quora turns off or on dynamic stability control to provide more information we d need to know model and year because what goes into dsc has changed over the years dsc button bimmerforums the ultimate bmw forum for correct me if im wrong when you push the dsc button to turn of the traction control its suposed to turn on the trianglecircle light on the dash and the traction contol is disabled right today i turned it off while driving the light came on the dash like normal about 5 minutes later took a corner quick not too quick mind you dsc button doesn t work where are the fuses hi all i fitted two new real wheel abs sensors today and extinguished the lights that have been on the dashboard for about 18months all great and dsc button bimmerfest bmw forums dsc button x3 e83 2004 2010 if you press the button once you engage dtc which is a variation of dsc that allows maximum forward momentum for driving on snow for example but driving stability is not that good dynamic stability control explained bimmerfile dsc dtc can be turned off by holding the dtc button for 3 seconds the caution indicator light as shown above will remain lit in the instrument cluster the nannies are now off and you are on your own so stay within your abilities

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