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residual value calculations a new car lease for 2016 residual value is the net amount of a car’s worth after factoring in depreciation so residual value is the amount we can a leased car for at the end of the term a higher residual value allows us to lease more car for less money each month calculate your vehicle s residual value autotrader residual values are usually figured as a percentage of the vehicle s msrp even if you successfully negotiate down the purchase price for example a $25 000 msrp and a residual factor will result in an estimated $12 500 residual value at lease end even if you bargain the price down to $23 500 bmw x5 residual value and incentive ask the hackrs can you tell me what the residual value for 10 000 miles 36 months incentives from dealsea there is 2000 incentives on x5 i am not sure what that is thanks bmw 2 series coupe 2014 buying and selling the professional navigation system is worth going for and will help resale values while a smart looking set of cost option alloy wheels and a metallic paint job should also be worth their weight in gold buying a used bmw 2 series coupe be patient and look for the perfect example aim for a car with a dealership warranty m sport cars are smart but attract higher used prices the 2 series frequently asked questions a residual value against a £20 000 car discounted to £19 000 leaves you with a cost of ownership of £19 000 minus £10 000 = £9 000 a residual value against a £20 000 car not discounted at all leaves you with a cost of ownership of £20 000 minus £12 000 = £8 000 10 cars with the worst resale values 2018 motor1 base msrp $35 590 5 year depreciation $27 333 retained value the pact cadillac ats is a bmw 3 series fighter and while it’s an entertaining ride in many respects it still loses out where residual value is concerned 2018 edmunds best retained value awards find out which cars will have the highest resale value with the all new 2018 best retained value awards on edmunds tiered residual values ing in my 2018 bimmerfest tiered residual values starting in 2018 bmw is implementing a tiered residual system for leases written with bmw financial services as if leasing wasn t plicated enough already bmw is adding another layer of calculation to the mix bmw x3 mpg & running costs bmw has priced the car similarly petitively without attempting to overtly undercut its key petitors and with our sources forecasting good residual values the x3 should end up looking car depreciation the cars that hold their value best residual values on ostensibly similar models really can differ by this kind of amount so it literally pays to check the expected depreciation of a car before you it

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