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do audi mercedes benz bmw belong to the same firm well rolls royce had a bit plicated history with volkswagen and bmw mercedes benz and the mercedes amg is a automobile division of german pany daimler ag audi is owned by volkswagen volkswagen owns many car brands like audi lamborghini bugatti porsche bentley and skoda does volkswagen own bmw pagosaclothing apple carplay the ultimate copilot available on select cars carplay is a smarter safer way to use your iphone in the car carplay takes the things you want to do who do volkswagen own automotive facts & history so who do volkswagen own bmw offered £340m but volkswagen outbid them when they offered £430m but this didn’t mean that volkswagen owned everything who does bmw own so who does bmw own we look at the they agreed a settlement in which all rights to rolls royce went to bmw it was also agreed that volkswagen would take volkswagen group volkswagen group italia volkswagen of of three german automakers—bmw daimler ag and volkswagen group volkswagen ag wholly owns the what car panies does volkswagen own panies that fall under volkswagen group s ownership include audi seat s a skoda bentley bugatti lamborghini porsche ducati scania and man volkswagen is the biggest shareholder in the suzuki motor corporation with 19 9 percent of shares who owns what in the auto industry daily monitor who owns what in the auto industry bmw bayerische motoren werke audi volkswagen and porsche are number 43 how many car brands does volkswagen own quora based on the volkswagen group official website there are 12 brands & models 1 volkswagen 2 audi 3 seat 4 skoda 5 bentley 6 bugatti 7 lamborghini 8 what car panies does bmw own best answer they own mini rolls royce and use to make engines and transmissions for land rover but now the land rover engines are made by ford yuck

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