Bmw E60 Ccc Repair

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bmw ccc failure professional idrive failure e60 bmw idrive bmw ccc failure professional idrive failure e60 bmw idrive navigation sat nav repair bmw ccc freezing idrive for bmw e60 not working bmw sat nav repair bmw e60 ccc repair mhh auto bmw authorized dealer asked 960 euro for new module everybody says the module can not be repaired they are wrong at least mine is working no problem for one week now all you need is good soldering s shop by category ebay 14 results for bmw ccc repair save this search postage to items in search results any bmw ccc unit navigation repair service e60 e92 e63 e70 e9x coding included bmw ccc cic professional repair service professional bmw e60 e63 e64 e90 e92 e93 e91 e61 e87 e70 and others ccc navigation professional unit repair service in usa yes probably the only one for now bmw e60 ccc repair mhhauto could anybody specify now what is the problem exactly i ve heard that the lci ccc s are not that sensitive and working fine i already changed the elkos in the power supply had success for 2 or 3 starts but the problem still persists bmw e60 e61 5 series ccc dvd navigation module cluster full professional test repair and rebuild service on the bmw e60 e61 5 series ccc dvd navigation module backed with warranties from 12 to 60 months diy rebuild your ccc photo heavy bmw m5 forum and m6 mine powered up and booted just fine with the pre lci faceplate just to clarify my original ccc was pre lci and i used the motherboard and power supply from an lci unit to repair mine read this before ordering a new ccc idrive unit may save some of the ccc professional units in the e60 61 fail after a while with ccc screen going black and not starting at all the idrive knob spinning etc etc the usual answer from bmw after you´ve tried to reset the unit with the three button bo which by the way also works when ignition is off with fort entry key that you will have to replace the unit however and here it goes

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