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electric cars model types bmw electric cars the future has begun test drive a bmw i3 bmw is dedicated to leading a new generation of mobility and exploring what the future holds for the ultimate driving machine this is what has inspired the new bmw i3 featuring carbon fibre passenger partments which are both lighter and stronger than steel and low mounted batteries to maximise handling they deliver a bmw i3 best electric cars bmw s i3 electric car delivers premium quality tiny running costs and surprising pace bmw i3 review the bmw i3 is innovative stylish and good to drive while most of its electric only rivals are not the bmw i3 was designed from the ground up as an eco car and so it doesn t feel as promised bmw i3 review 2018 autocar the bmw i3s receives more power lower suspension and bigger wheels than the regular i3 adding some keenness to drive to the already funky pact electric car 2016 bmw i3 94ah range extender review best electric cars 2018 uk our pick of the best evs you e of our favourite small electric cars it s cracking value at around £14 000 once you’ve factored the government’s plug in car grant which lops £4500 off the list price this is a bespoke best electric cars of 2018 revealed electric cars are ting better and better very quickly if you often drive long distances take a look at our guide to despite prices exceeding the bmw 5 series and mercedes e class which best small electric cars electric power and small cars have always been a natural fit their nippy acceleration is ideal in town where shorter journeys mean that you shouldn t need to worry about recharging until you home the only problem has been the high battery costs that have pushed up the cost of small electric cars to unaffordable levels even when government grants towards the cost of a new car are included new bmw i3 review new bmw i3 review a small upmarket electric car with an optional range extending engine bmw i3 car and driver check out the bmw i3 review at caranddriver use our car buying guide to research bmw i3 prices specs photos videos and more bmw s 2020 electric family car with a 373 mile range bmw has fired a warning shot at tesla with the unveiling of its i vision dynamics electric concept a four door family car capable of covering 373 miles on a full charge

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