Bmw N54 Vs N55

bmw n54 vs n55 parison horsepower reliability and what s the difference between the bmw n54 and n55 engines in this post we discuss the difference in horsepower reliability and tuning capabilities bmw n55 the bmw n55 is a turbocharged straight 6 petrol engine that began production in 2009 the n55 replaced the n54 and was introduced in the f07 535i gran turismo bmw n54 vs n55 the bmw 335 n54 vs n55 engine by vanguard performance inc in late 2009 bmw introduced its new series of motors for the 1 series 3 series 5 series and z coupe dyno test bmw 335i and 335is – n54 vs n55 engine automobile magazine pares bmw s single turbo twin scroll n55 engine to the twin turbo n54 which engine has less lag what about power output let s have a look im confused whats better n54 vs n55 1addicts many reviewers after having driven bmw s with both engines feel the n54 is a better performing powerplant bmw must also feel it has an edge hence "while the face n54 vs n55 babybmw done a quick search but couldn t find anything and am on my iphone which makes it twice as hard can anyone tell me the differences between the n54 and n55 and any so is the n55 a much more reliable motor than the n54 bmw 3 series and 4 series forum f30 f32 bmw 335i n54 n55 page 1 bmw general pistonheads march 2010 cars onwards lci cars for coupe and cabriolet have the n55 older cars have the n54 the n54 is twin turbo and more tunable the n55 is single turbo n54 vs n55 e90post i have yet to see a drag race between a stock n54 vs n55 on the internet i learned that lesson on my first bmw many years ago

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