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bmw i3 review the bmw i3 for sale today actually has its roots in a 2010 concept car called the mega city vehicle and was designed from the ground up to feature an all electric powertrain there’s a petrol version available too but only in the sense of the bmw i3 range extender rex option bmw i3 and i3s new vehicles the bmw i3 and i3s are full of innovative technologies it can use to confidently master your day to day life bmw i3 review 2018 the bmw i3 is at the forefront of this movement it can offer a realistic range of 100 125 miles in pure electric vehicle ev form or you can pay more to a range extender version the latter adds a two cylinder petrol generator that can stop the batteries from going flat bmw i3 review 2018 two versions of the bmw i3 are on sale a pure electric model or a range extender variant the i3 features halogen headlights and led lights as standard these optional adaptive led lights will cost you around £700 these alloys are five inches wide and 19 inches in diameter bmw i3 charging guide how to charge a bmw i3 & i3s bmw i3 charging guide will help you the most from your electric car from charging times to public charging discover everything about the bmw i3 & i3s bmw i3 car and driver check out the bmw i3 review at caranddriver use our car buying guide to research bmw i3 prices specs photos videos and more bmw i3 mpg and running costs bmw quotes an energy usage value of 29kwh per 100 miles but of course most people are fixated by the theoretical range call it 130 miles for the new 33kwh battery pack those calculations 100 miles of running in an i3 will cost under £1 74 off peak and £3 48 at peak times bmw i3 charger bmw i3 range bmw i3 2017 model has a 33kwh battery with a range of 114 miles epa rating on a full charge range extender option petrol generator charges the battery boosts the range to 180 miles epa rating bmw i new vehicles bmw i stands for visionary electric vehicles and mobility services inspired design and sustainable production offering premium e mobility bmw i3 and i3s 2016 bmw i3 review the best electric car this side of a s o just how important is the bmw i3 as it reaches its second generation the one hand this is a near £30 000 battery car from a premium car maker whose very

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