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Szeroko dostępny bezprzewodowy CarPlay coraz bliżej
apple carplay preparation digital services thanks to apple carplay preparation drivers can conveniently use a patible iphone when travelling in a bmw ios carplay apple uk apple carplay the ultimate co pilot available on selected cars carplay is a smarter safer way to use your iphone in the car carplay takes the things you want to do with your iphone while driving and puts them on your car’s built in display how to add apple carplay to an old car macworld uk how to apple carplay in your car apple carplay is an breakthrough system that integrates the iphone with the automobile but until recently carplay was only available to apple fans who getting started using apple carplay learn what’s required to utilize apple carplay in your bmw as well as how to navigate and use its features note apple carplay is a product of apple approved apps and their layouts positions carplay for bmw when apple munity you believe what ever you like carplay is rolling out on some 2015 manufacturers models so it clearly works bmw is not in that list see link bmw archives carplay life apple carplay news installs at the moment bmw charge a one off option of $300 for a navigation system with apple carplay in its new vehicles however a bmw product manager has told the verge that this will change next apple s carplay a $300 option for most bmws bmwblog bmw of north america will offer the apple carplay as an optional $300 feature on most bmws within the current lineup several cars from bmw’s … bmw of north america will offer the apple apple carplay everything you need to know most cars require you to plug your iphone into the usb port with a lightning cable but some newer models like the latest bmw 5 series now support wireless carplay which works via the car’s how to use carplay with your iphone apple support carplay takes the things that you want to do with your iphone while driving and puts them on your car s built in display when you connect your iphone to carplay you can turn by turn directions make calls send and receive messages listen to music and more

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