Bmw 328 Vs 335

the bmw 328i vs the bmw 335i the bmw 3 series has long been an icon in the luxury car segment and it continues this status as it enters the 2014 model year for 2014 the 3 series loses its coupe and convertible body styles as the new 4 series takes over these key segments the 2014 bmw 3 series es in four main variants 320i 328i 328d 328 vs 335 ly difference=engine f30mmerpost bmw 3 series and 4 series forum f30 f32 bmw 328i vs 335i which e is right for you hey whats up guys hope everyone is having a great holiday week today i wanted to make a video explaining the key differences between the bmw 328i and 335i f30 328i vs 335i real world impressions f30 328i vs 335i real world impressions i m sorry it looks like your browser does not support javascript discussion in bmw 3 series started by osnabrueck mar 13 2014 328i vs 328xi bmw currently in its fifth generation the bmw 3 series prises more than a dozen vehicles that differ from one another in body structure and technical specifications most of them are numbered 328 or 335 with a letter or two placed next to each number to denote the differences between the models thus even though the total victory the bmw 328i is better than the bmw 335i the 335i costs about $6000 more than the 328i true in the world of bmw that s almost nothing basically two options packages and obviously the more potent motor should cost more bmw f30 328i vs 335i hello i am looking to an f30 i have now a 330ci 2004 so i am upgrading the thing is i am tempted by the 328i for its fuel economy and its performance but on the other hand i dont know if its a good choice to drop off 2 cylinder 328i vs 335i for daily driving long mute e90post bmw 3 series e90 e92 forum bmw e90 e92 e93 3 series general forums general e90 sedan e91 wagon e92 coupe e93 cabrio 328i vs 335i for daily driving long mute new bmw 3 series parison bmw 328i vs bmw 328i bmw 328i vs bmw 328i old versus new or the changing sport sedan world in a nutshell by jason cammisa jul 3 2013 progress is often a promise in the case of the bmw 3 series that

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