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electric cars model types the new bmw i3 and bmw i3s have an enhanced 120ah battery which provides an incredible all electric range of up to 160 miles this makes it just as practical as its petrol engine equivalent and to ensure that recharging is as convenient as possible bmw has rolled out the chargenow service with 6 100 public charging stations bmw i3 review 2018 autocar prices and specs close although it may be a touch disappointing to some to observe how long it’s taking europeans to fully embrace electric cars bmw’s bmw i3 review prices specs and 0 60 time read about the bmw i3 s mpg and running costs here prices specs and rivals the government s £4500 plug in car grant makes the all electric i3 a £30k car options can be expensive but worthy rivals are few and far between read about the bmw i3 s prices specs and rivals here interior and tech e of the i3 s true highlights bmw i3 review the bmw i3 is innovative stylish and good to drive while most of its electric only rivals are not the bmw i3 was designed from the ground up as an eco car and so bmw i3 best electric cars bmw s i3 electric car delivers premium quality tiny running costs and surprising pace new bmw i3 2018 range price and new electric car design the new bmw i3 2018 has been launched along with a more powerful i3s variant the new ev has additional chassis technology improved driving dynamic and model bmw i3 review 2018 the bmw i3 is at the forefront of this movement it can offer a realistic range of 100 125 miles in pure electric vehicle ev form or you can pay more to a range extender version the latter adds a two cylinder petrol generator that can stop the batteries from going flat used bmw electric cars for sale gumtree find the latest used bmw electric cars for sale on gumtree see the various bmw available based on their fuel type bmw i3 price s and specs bmw i3 car and driver check out the bmw i3 review at caranddriver use our car buying guide to research bmw i3 prices the i3 is a unique electric car the bmw can be had

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