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the most and least expensive cars to maintain according to our data chrysler s sebring is the most expensive car to maintain which is likely one of the reasons why chrysler revamped it in 2010 german imports such as bmw’s 328i and mercedes benz’ e350 along with many manufacturers’ luxury or full sized models such as the audi a4 quattro are quite expensive as well why are bmws so expensive to maintain why are their cars why are bmws so expensive to maintain why are their but can definitely lead to a very expensive repair at how much does it cost to maintain a bmw after most expensive cars to repair forbes at the top of our list of the most expensive luxury vehicles to repair are the audi a8 and mercedes benz g class both with five year estimated repair costs of $1 640 rounding out the luxury vehicles in the top five are the jaguar xk at $1 629 land rover range rover at $1 600 and mercedes benz cl class at $1 540 are bmw expensive to own osv bmw 1 series the average repair cost is £511 23 bmw 3 series slightly more expensive with repair costs of £531 59 bmw 7 series it costs a lot to insure but isn’t too bad with repair costs this model is ing in at an average of £608 bmw m3 more expensive than the 7 series at £655 47 on average for repair costs bmw x5 warning bmws are hellaciously expensive to maintain and warning bmws are hellaciously expensive to maintain and repair bmw will cost you $750 $30 for a oil change bmw will be $120 $80 for a brake job why modern cars are ting more expensive to fix why modern cars are ting more expensive to fix the bmw 6 series is a “given how technology laden and potentially expensive to repair cars have which cars are least and most expensive to repair the most expensive make of car to repair is porsche at an average cost of £717 36 while despite an excellent reliability record mazda es in second at £481 26 bmw repair costs are bmw repair costs disproportionately high genuine bmw parts cost more than parable chevy parts a thriving trade exists in aftermarket parts are used bmw s expensive to maintain and repair best answer not really the older they are the cheaper in regards to maybe pre 90 s they be e a little more affordable to repair because they weren t that plicated but 90 s and up its a bit more expensive to take to a garage shop and have them service your bmw is it expensive to fix a bmw i am looking into ing a 1999 bmw 328i sedan it s super cute and it has a body kit on it so it makes it look a bit newer which i love the only problem

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