How Many Miles Does A Bmw Last

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how many miles average do bmws last car forums and i drive my bmw hard almost every day 214 miles a day and once a week i like to hold it to the floor and see what it could do cuts out at 129 miles per hour i have 369 000 miles on an 89 325i bmw how many miles does the average bmw last currently the oil change intervals are every 15 000 miles to date the longest lasting bmw i have seen had 200 000 but it was a vehicle that needed maintenance often it is all in how you drive your car and how you keep it if you change the oil every 3000 5000 miles a car can last up to 300 000 400 000 miles how long do bmw s usually last quora how long do bmw s usually last i have seen some x5 and x7 with 150 000 miles and plus so they can last long time how long do bmw m3 s usually last bmw 3 series questions do bmw s last long cargurus bmw if taken care of will last a very long time when i was younger all my bmw s were over 200 000 miles and never had an issue besides the normal wear and tear stuff the vehicle you are looking at has the n52 engine in both of them high mileage bmw page 1 bmw general pistonheads as many have already said a bmw is built to last a 1 series up to a 7 series is a quality car capable of hitting 200 350k miles with minimal issues if correctly serviced and maintained on time how many miles do bmw last colodetoxs how many miles do bmw last image "bmw 3 series questions how long does engine last 92 325i pertaining to how many miles do bmw last" is bmw diesel 2004 average how many miles do you think bmw diesel 2004 average how many miles do you think they re good for just wondering for peoples views on this i ve got a 2004 bmw 320d sport 150bhp turbo bmw 5 series questions is 158k to many miles cargurus is 158k to many miles skip a bit once in a while and go right to the last couple of sentances how many miles can a bmw engine go bmw sels with high mileage ok page 1 general i imagine a high mileage bmw sel will throw the last one did 320k miles and the current one is on 285k miles not how many miles its done deva link 26 934

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