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bmw paint code locations touch up paint paint code locations on bmw vehicles at automotivetouchup at automotivetouchup paint codes for bmw bmw paint codes normally have three digits and sometimes have a slash followed by a fourth digit bmw paint code location youcanic this video shows you how to find the paint code on any bmw the paint code is printed on a sticker by the front strut tower or near the front fender newer bmws now have the paint code printed on a sticker that has the vin number as well here is an example of bmw paint code on a bmw 5 series the paint code is printed near the fender strut how to find your bmw paint code lltek home page index lltek webpage outlining professional paint services offered to clients who purchase aftermaket body parts for bmw cars how to locate your bmw’s paint code your oem paint color code identification can be found written or on a printed sticker in your owner’s manual or on a factory sticker in the engine bay circled in red bmw touch up paint bmw paint code location the bmw paint color codes are typically placed under the hood on the right side of the engine partment in case you do not find the paint color code sticker at first glance take a look at the strut towers or the fenders edge the bmw touch up paint color code sticker often displays the name of the color in german or both german and english the color code is the bmw touch up paint we sell bmw touch up paint pens bmw spray paint and other bmw touch up paint products find your bmw color and bmw paint code bmw codes are hidden somewhere on the car and finding them can be quite difficult bmw touch up paint kits car paint wizard volvo touch up paint kits bmw paint code location bmw paint codes are normally placed under the bonnet and is either on one of the strut towers wing edges or on the right side and slightly lower than the wing on the engine wall how to find the bmw paint code bmw touch up paint location bmw has a few paint code locations most monly in the drivers door other models such as 5 series are behind the drivers headlight where you will replace the bulb or older models may be found on top of the suspension mounting on the passanger side how to find your bmw s paint code the paint code is the first three characters on the lower left of the tag do you have paint chips or scratches on your bmw make them disappear in 10 minutes guaranteed how to find the mini paint code mini touch up paint location mini paint codes are most monly found when you lift the bonnet over the drivers front wheel arch a mini color code is typically 3 or 4 digits long but can also be a letter number bination

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