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what does bmw stand for abbreviations looking for the definition of bmw find out what is the full meaning of bmw on abbreviations bayerische motoren werke is one option in to view more bmw bayerische motoren werke ag german pronunciation listen german for bavarian motor works usually known under its abbreviation bmw german pronunciation listen is a german luxury vehicle sports car motorcycle and engine manufacturing pany founded in 1916 what does bmw stand for quora the car brand bmw stands for bayerische motoren werke german for bavarian motor works the brand is known for luxury vehicles motorcycles and engines it s also part of the brand name of bmw group that owns bmw mini and rolls royce motor cars brands bmw what does bmw stand for the free dictionary acronym definition bmw bayerische motoren werke german bavarian motor works german auto manufacturer bmw boy meets world disney tv show bmw black magic what does bmw stand for bayerische motoren werke ag translated means bavarian motor works is known worldwide for the bmw acronym and is the leading global european automotive manufacturer based in germany although bmw began in 1913 as a shop for aircraft engines the pany entered motorcycle manufacturing in order to stay in business what does bmw stand for all acronyms dictionary 360 meanings of bmw acronym and bmw abbreviation get the definition of bmw by all acronyms dictionary top definition be my wife what do the letters in bmw stand for news a bmw stands for bayerische motoren werke or translated into english bavarian motor works if you’re a little rusty on world geography bavaria is a southern state in germany where bmw originally started making airplane engines around 1917 bmw meaning what does bmw stand for funny bmw meaning by dominick giammarino google plugin bmw meaning is something that a lot of people confused people make up a lot of jokes about bmw the true bmw jokes bmw e liners jokes short bmw jokes q how many bmw car salesmen does it take to change your light bulb a it depends on your credit current lease terms and willingness to take a what does the m in bmw m4 stand for marvellous the bmw 4 outdoes its predecessor[ph]bmw’s famed m division launched its first road production car the m1 in 1978 in the intervening 36 years the m cars have

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