toyota Rav4 Ecm Recall

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01 03 voluntary recall [ecm autotrans problem] toyota toyota has just announced a voluntary recall for the 01 03 rav4 ecm autotrans problems including reimbursement for previous repairs see your dealer ecm and transmission failure in the 2001 2003 toyota rav4 toyota rav4 ecm & transmission failure how transmission woes prompted thw automaker to extend their warranty image via wikipedia there are a ton of vehicles out there eligible for the title of "worst transmission on the road" and the 2001 2003 rav4 is in the mix 2003 toyota rav4 problem with ecm 19 plaints the 2003 toyota rav4 has 19 problems reported for problem with ecm average repair cost is $1 580 at 118 950 miles toyota rav4 ecm ecu same day repair service rav4 ecu repair toyota rav4 ecu same day repairs e stop shop for all rav4 ecu faults toyota rav4 gearbox problems all units tested live before & after repair 800 800 toyota rav4 ecu repairs rav4 gearbox problem are you having problems with your toyota rav4 ecu are you seeing an ecu gearbox fault ecu testing may be able to help with this ecu problem and other ecu faults or abs replacements rav4 ecm ecu and transmission problem ebay this is my experience on the mon problem that the ecu of the 2001 2003 toyota rav4 is presenting worldwide the problem this problem makes the automatic transmission of these rav4 models to behave erratic update 2 toyota to fix over 735 000 cars outside recall toyota’s rav4 warranty campaign es after a series of high profile recalls that have damaged the automaker’s reputation for quality more than 10 million toyota and lexus models have been recall checker owners if you ve been contacted about a toyota recall or believe your vehicle may be included you can quickly find out more by using our 3 step recall checker below toyota rav4 ecm repair this is a toyota rav4 ecm repair service for your 2001 2002 or 2003 rav4 engine control module the ecm also monly referred to as the ecu engine control unit or puter can cause a variety of rav4 transmission shifting problems documented here in this official toyota technical service bulletin toyota rav4 recalls find toyota rav4 recalls information reported by the nhtsa and we will help you find a nearby service center where you can your car fixed

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