2013 toyota Camry torque Converter Shudder

Automatic transmission solenoids locations in Toyota Corolla Years 1995 to 2005
2013 toyota camry tsbs technical service bulletins description toyota when driving with light loads and between 25 and 50 mph transmission exhibits brief shudder intermittently and to reduce possibility of condition occurring engine control module ecm and torque converter logic was modified mo toyota camry automatic transmission torque converter 2012 2014 model year camry vehicles software update for u760e torque converter shudder toyota had updated software for torque converter shudder for year from 2012 2014 but i own 2015 camry and i have same problem with my camry year 2015 car is shakey and toyota dealer refused to update software for year 2015 unless pay them $250 00 and due to torque converter shudder fixed ops t sb 0086 12 june 11 2012 page 3 of 10 torque converter shudder required tools & equipment required equipment supplier part number qty tis techstream toyota torque converter general discussion car talk 2014 5 toyota camry le 4 cylinder engine 6 speed transmission 8 300 miles owned since new in april 2014 just received the letter from toyota regarding extension of warranty on the transmission torque converter due to problems with the torque converter flex lock up 2013 toyota camry transmission problems truedelta see real world 2013 toyota camry transmission problems and repair histories as reported by other 2013 toyota camry owners also see repair breakdown by problem area and cost 2012 2014 toyota camry shudders when accelerating new 2012 2014 toyota camry shudders when accelerating new warranty ze5 covering the torque converter 2013 toyota camry recalls 4 toyota 2012 2014 camry see document search button for owners letters some toyota vehicles have received reports of a brief shudder during torque converter flex lock up lj lj bulletin 2012 2014 toyota camry transmission issue news 2013 toyota camry 2014 toyota camry the problem affected toyota cars may exhibit a brief intermittent transmission shudder while driving under light loads between 25 and 50 mph 37 plaints 2013 toyota camry power train problems i took it to the toyota dealer who informed me there was a recall on the torque converter and that was replaced i was told there was nothing wrong with the electrical the car continued to

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