2013 toyota Tundra Supercharger

2013 toyota tundra platinum supercharger final update handy toyota is installing a supercharger in a 2013 toyota tundra platinum as requested by a customer hear what 500hp sounds like under the hood of a 2013 t 2013 toyota tundra performance turbochargers toyota tundra 2013 tvs1900 series supercharger kit by magnacharger maximize your vehicle s potential and experience the limitless power with this supercharger system this bolt on kit is engineered to give you outstanding performance supercharger playing around with the ideal of putting a supercharger on the tundra anyone have any feed back on the pros or cons thanks cost of install for trd supercharger anyone have an estimate of what it would cost for a toyota dealer to install the trd supercharger on a 5 7l 2014 tundra [ attach] 2013 toyota tundra trd supercharger calibration crank driven supercharger increases torque and horsepower from idle to redline delivering immediate throttle response—producing 504 hp 5 500 rpm and 550 lb ft torque 3 600 rpm from 381 hp 5600 rpm and 401 lb ft torque 3600 rpm integral by pass valve prevents supercharger from going into boost when driving at a steady state of trd 5 7 tundra supercharger specs 504 hp and 550 lb ft toyota has officially listed the trd supercharger for the 5 7l tundra in their “parts sales guide ” here are the official specs the 5 7 with the supercharger makes 504 hp and 550 lb ft of torque the list price for the entire kit is $5 875 dealer cost is about $5 000 but good luck ing one for that toyota discontinues trd supercharger pickuptrucks the trd supercharger was noticeably absent on the trd pro lineup and when the 2014 toyota tundra was unveiled also toyota ers have had an ongoing issue with flex fuel capable trucks toyota tundra 3ur fe 5 7l v8 supercharger system magnuson toyota tundra 5 7l v8 tvs1900 supercharger system magnuson is proud to announce the toyota tundra supercharger system is now available for the 2009 2017 toyota tundra 5 7l v8 the oem look of our integral supercharger system on this platform allows for a single large charger air cooler a larger plenum and tapered runners just to name a few advancements

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