toyota Rav4 Common Faults

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what are some mon toyota rav4 problems the most mon registered problem with the toyota rav4 is excessive oil consumption the average cost to repair this is around $2 850 alternative engine problems with the vehicle include failure of the oxygen sensor and a reported knocking sound upon engine idle toyota rav4 problems & plaints toyota rav4 problems the worst model years for the toyota rav4 are shown below the 2002 rav4 has the most overall problems it s worth keeping an eye on the 136 plaints about problems shifting on a bar graph to go to car plaints where you can find out more specific information about each model worst toyota rav4 model years toyota rav4 reliability safety & euro ncap toyota s reliability score in our survey is backed up by the manufacturer warranty of five years of 100 000 miles it shows the confidence toyota has in its cars and toyota rav 4 mon problems and solutions breaker yard the cylinder head gasket is known to fail on the 2004 onwards 2 4l rav4 this problem is caused by the cylinder head bolts being torqued too much toyota rav4 problems pare toyota rav4 plaints problems & worst model years there are 2 143 plaints on file for the toyota rav4 toyota rav4 problems and mon plaints 2017 rav4 – mon problems a 2018 toyota rav4 good news there s nothing to report so far be sure to check back once in a while because we update the information on this page regularly 2013 2016 rav4 – mon problems a 2012 toyota rav4 top 231 reviews and plaints about toyota rav4 the toyota rav4 was the first pact crossover suv to e on the market in 1994 i think toyota overreacted to past problems toyota rav4 suv car er "the toyota rav4 is a practical and well equipped suv that s affordable to run and mon problems brakes 2 the toyota rav 4 is much more a 4×4 than a

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