Audi Night Vision assistant

Audi A4
audi technology portal night vision assistant the night vision assistant is an assistance system for the larger model series from audi the heart of this system is a thermal imaging camera at the front of the audi a7 sportback night vision assistant the night vision assistant uses a thermal imaging camera its black and white images are presented on the dis display highlighting pedestrians identified night vision audi features night vision assistant discretely mounted in the front grill significantly improves safety and fort when driving at night night vision assistant helps automotive night vision the automotive night vision system is a bination of nvds such as infrared cameras gps night vision assistant was introduced in 2010 on the audi a8 audi night vision assistant an impressive technological the audi night vision assistant package leads the automotive industry offering drivers and pedestrians an added layer of safety and protection night vision assist the night vision assist uses a far infrared camera that detects people and larger wild animals at distances between roughly 10 and 90 meters 32 8 and 295 3 ft tech talk what is audi s night vision assistant ny e of audi s most sought after assistance features gives drivers the power to "see" in the dark night vision assist owners review vw audi forum night vision assist audi state that it wont detect cyclists rear tints 75 litre fuel tank all led headlights night vision assistant

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