Audi Rs4 Horsepower

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audi rs 4 the audi rs4 quattro is the top tier and highest performing version of some specific generations of the audi a4 range of automobiles it is a sports focused pact audi rs4 avant b8 review 2012 2015 price specs and 0 the audi rs4 avant is now in its third generation teaming naturally aspirated v8 power with estate car practicality audi rs4 reviews specs prices s and videos check out the latest audi rs4 review specs prices photos and videos articles news 47 reviews 12 photos 49 videos 16 prices specifications and so much audi rs4 review the fourth generation audi rs 4 ditches v8 power for a turbocharged v6 but its all weather pace and ability are better than ever new audi rs4 avant 2018 review wicked wagon driven car magazine uk s full review of the new 2018 audi rs4 avant specs prices dimensions and a fearless verdict you can trust audi a4 rs4 from 2005 specs dimensions facts & figures find all the key specs about the audi a4 rs4 from fuel efficiency and top speed to running costs dimensions data and lots more audi rs4 avant 2012 2015 performance despite shouldering the burden of two well fed road testers – not to mention the audi rs4’s own well furnished 1880kg bulk – that engine and its launch control audi rs4 avant 2018 review price specs and pictures we’ve had family estate cars for years – and performance cars too – but there’s little doubt it was audi that successfully bined the two its s and in new audi rs4 avant prices and specs audi says it was influenced by its own sporting heritage when designing the rs4 avant and the flat topped flares over the rear wheels are clearly reminiscent of the audi rs4 avant 2018 pictures information & specs in the new audi rs4 avant the v6 twin turbo engine delivers an output of 331 kw 450 hp its maximum torque of 600 nm 442 5 lb ft 170 nm 125 4 lb ft

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