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how reliable are audi as a manufacturer osv consumer reports piles this information by using road test performance for models it has tested as well as using reliability results for each model so this is a pretty good indicator of audi’s reliability that said warrantywise found that audi were slightly less reliable in their list of most reliable manufacturers audi came 28th 3 audi 10 most reliable car brands consumer reports improvement is possible audi once described by consumer reports as "a sinkhole of service problems " is now the top ranked european brand in the magazine are audi cars reliable quora i bought a 5 years old audi a6 with 80 000 miles on it i drove 36 000 miles in the last 2 yrs and below is all i spent maintaining it you be the judge at 85kes replaced the spark plugs not because the car d but to smotheen the acceleration $400 dollars how is audi reliability these days • r cars reddit audi used to have a bad rep for reliability but that has changed in the past few years it has consistently been in the top 5 brands for reliability according to consumer reports however there s a lot of discussion about how legitimate these reports are so take that with a grain of salt steer clear of these 10 least reliable cars steer clear of these 10 least reliable cars charis brown who s more reliable bmw audi or mercedes benz bmw sits in the middle with mercedes being the most reliable therefor the cheapest after six years things start to change as the cars rack up more miles and possibly more owners they do tend to break audi is still the least reliable and most expensive of the three brands with bmw still in the middle and mercedes leading the pack is the audi a3 a good reliable car quora hi and thanks for a2a first of all check out my channel you have the link on my quora profile most of my videos were shot while i drove my audi a3 and i how reliable are audi tt s page 1 audi vw seat im thinking of chaning my 530d soon its a toss up between a tt and a 330ci sport how do these cars pare and are tt s reliable also are there any problem areas audi a3 reliability safety & euro ncap audi finished a disappointing 18th in the auto express driver power 2017 survey while the a3 finished 35th out of 75 on the list of reliable cars

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