What Does Audi Quattro Mean

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audi s quattro all wheel drive system explained the ‘quattro’ name has been used by audi since 1980 and applies to the all wheel drive system fitted to the german brand’s road and racing cars the system itself is spelt with a lower case ‘q’ after the italian word for ‘four’ – quattro with a capital ‘q’ applies to the iconic rally car from the ’80s quattro four wheel drive system quattro meaning four in italian is the sub brand used by the car brand audi ag to indicate that all wheel drive awd technologies or systems are used on specific models of its audi automobiles it is also audi s actual performance division alongside s and rs what does quattro mean in audi cars quora quattro is audis all wheel drive system which was introduced in the original audi quattro 1980 audi quattro the quattro technolody has been used in all audi awd models since the system uses 3 differentials to distribute power to all 4 wheels as and when needed audi quattro the audi all wheel drive system audi uk introducing quattro the audi all wheel drive system witness its power discover its history and see the quattro performance in all weather conditions with videos what does "audi quattro" mean sinclairaudi what does "audi quattro" mean with the return of the audi quattro cup for 2018 we thought we’d take a look at the history of the ‘quattro’ sub audi quattro the audi quattro is a road and rally car produced by the german automobile manufacturer audi is an augmentative prefix in this case meaning "original" what is the audi a4 quattro quora audi a4 quattro is used to refer as all wheel drive technology used in audi a4 this is a premium luxury car with 4wd system as the word quad is used to refer 4 same here it is used to indicate 4 wheel or all wheel drive technique

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