What is Audi Quattro

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audi quattro the audi all wheel drive system audi uk quattro is our renowned all wheel drive technology is a cornerstone of our philosophy today it brings safety sportiness and performance to everyday driving since the debut of the audi quattro in 1980 we ve sold more than five million cars with permanent all wheel drive audi s quattro all wheel drive system explained the ‘quattro’ name has been used by audi since 1980 and applies to the all wheel drive system fitted to the german brand’s road and racing cars the system itself is spelt with a lower case ‘q’ after the italian word for ‘four’ – quattro with a capital ‘q’ applies to the iconic rally car from the ’80s audi quattro audi quattro the audi quattro is a road and rally car produced by the german automobile manufacturer audi part of the volkswagen group it was first shown at the 1980 geneva motor show on 3 march [1][3] production of the original version continued through 1991 quattro four wheel drive system quattro four wheel drive system quattro meaning four in italian is the sub brand used by the car brand audi ag to indicate that all wheel drive awd technologies or systems are used on specific models of its audi automobiles what is audi quattro all wheel drive audi’s quattro all wheel drive system is designed to generate optimum grip levels by distributing the majority of engine power to whichever axle has the most traction how does quattro work quattro uses a central differential to take power from the engine and distribute it whichever axle – front or rear – has the most traction audi quattro for sale looking for a audi quattro find your perfect car on classiccarsforsale the uk s best marketplace for ers and traders audi quattro all wheel drive see how our legendary quattro all wheel drive has pushed vehicle performance — and the thrill of the ride for 35 years quattro audi audi is a pioneer of all wheel drive in high quality cars cutting edge quattro technology offers dynamism and safety while delivering a unique and exclusive level of audi quattro world s coolest cars the quattro made 4×4 cool and audi never looked back a rally legend for the road audi a4 allroad quattro the audi a4 allroad quattro register your interest and browse images

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