Are Bmw Expensive to Maintain

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are bmw expensive to own osv interestingly there has already been an investigation into which of the big three is more expensive to maintain and the results were…audi audi’s cost more to maintain and repair than bmw they also found that the younger the audi the more expensive it was to repair and that bmw’s were most likely to be repaired around the 7 years mark why are bmws so expensive to maintain why are their cars bmw audi m b etc do not relatively speaking hence they re more expensive to service and maintain because there are fewer people specializing in those brands to sum up it s not about proper maintenance or a lack thereof not about bmw s greater plexity at least not in any significant way or about any inherent value debunking the myth bmws maintenance are expensive no one paid me to do this just throwing it out there for you diyers ten people will tell you that maintaining a bmw is expensive which is in part the most and least expensive cars to maintain luxury imports from germany such as bmw and mercedes benz along with domestic luxury brand cadillac are the most expensive a toyota is about $10 000 less expensive over 10 years just in terms of maintenance are used bmw s expensive to maintain and repair i m thinking of purchasing a used early 2000 bmw 3 series and would like some opinions on costs of owning a used bmw do they frequently need maintenance are bimmers really that expensive to maintain three things create the perception that bmws and german cars in general are more expensive to maintain than their japanese or domestic counterparts 1 neglected maintenance schedules creating an impression the cars themselves are unreliable 2 high market cost of labor 3 high parts cost warning bmws are hellaciously expensive to maintain and bmw 3 series and 4 series forum f30 f32 the top 10 most expensive cars to maintain the 2012 bmw z4 has an estimated maintenance cost of $5 294 for five years or $1 058 80 per year it has a suggested retail price of between $48 650 and $64 200 bmw vs audi vs mercedes how much does it really cost to mirror load mobile navigation news uk an at average higher than for mercedes maintenance and repairs bmw sat a little audis cost more to maintain than are bmw s really that unreliable expensive to maintain cars i m looking to a e46 or e90 bmw 3 series but all i read on this sub about bmw s is that they are pretty unreliable and you shouldn t one

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