Is Bmw Maintenance Expensive

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why are bmws so expensive to maintain why are quora total cost of maintenance on a new bmw over the first 4 years is $0 not sure why anyone would think that s expensive debunking the myth bmws maintenance are expensive the horror stories he told me regarding maintenance on an audi would turn me away forever but let s back to the main point of this story is that maintaining a bmw is not expensive if you re not a plete moron oh and audis suck are bmw expensive to own osv bmw 1 series the average repair cost is £511 23 bmw 3 series slightly more expensive with repair costs of £531 59 bmw 7 series it costs a lot to insure but isn’t too bad with repair costs this model is ing in at an average of £608 bmw m3 more expensive than the 7 series at £655 47 on average for repair costs bmw x5 why is a bmw maintenance so expensive than lexus quora lexus is often parts binned from toyota vehicles since most lexus vehicles are built on toyota platforms they also greatly benefit from toyota’s entire bmw repair service and maintenance cost get bmw repair and maintenance costs mon problems recalls and more find certified bmw mechanics near you the most and least expensive cars to maintain luxury imports from germany such as bmw and mercedes benz along with domestic luxury brand cadillac are the most expensive a toyota is about $10 000 less expensive over 10 years just in terms of maintenance used lexus or bmw which has lower maintenance costs used lexus or bmw which has lower maintenance costs i have a 4 year old mercedes c class now it is very expensive to have a bmw that is not on warranty bmw 3 series questions the cost of maintenance of a bmw the cost of maintenance of a bmw and a lexus 21 answers i am a college freshman and i am planning to an used bmw 335i coupe under around 29 000 dollars however i have heard that maintaining a bmw is much more expensive than maintaining a lexus i bmw vs audi vs mercedes how much does it really cost to cheap to run and eco friendly too the bmw i3 won green car of the year 2014 we pared the quotes received for parable repair types across these three brands

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