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bmw hydrogen 7 the bmw hydrogen 7 is a limited production hydrogen internal bustion engine vehicle built from 2005 2007 by german automobile manufacturer bmw bmw hydrogen 7 first drive autocar what is it ostensibly a bmw 7 series – a 760il specifically – engineered to run on either ordinary unleaded petrol or liquefied hydrogen bmw hydrogen 7 2007 pictures information & specs bmw is the world s first car maker to present a hydrogen drive car which has successfully pleted the process of series development the bmw hydrogen 7 why did bmw really stop making the hydrogen 7 model the bmw hydrogen 7 was a pioneer that could ve written a new page in the auto industry s history books if only it was given more credit bmw s hydrogen 7 not as green as it seems spiegel bmw is manufacturing the first series of hydrogen fueled cars they re not as green as they seem for a start they re incredibly thirsty and they will put more bmw hydrogen 7 2006 review bmw that’s not a green car it’s a dirty great limo… yes it’s a long wheelbase bmw 7 series with a 6 litre v12 engine but it runs on liquid hydrogen as review bmw hydrogen 7 bmwblog the folks over at the diesel driver bring us a review of bmw s hydrogen 7 model built on the previous generation 7 series platform bmw 7 series e65 the bmw e65 is the fourth generation of the bmw 7 series range of full size luxury sedans and was produced from 2001 to 2008 the variants of the range are bmw to produce a low volume hydrogen fuel cell car in 2021 bmw ceo harald krueger reinforced last week the pany’s mitment to launch a hydrogen fuel cell car in the next five years for “larger model series and long bmw 7 series saloon new vehicles the bmw 7 series is more than flawless craftsmanship it’s a window into the future of luxury car design

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