Bmw Hoverbike

P highRes lego technic design
bmw flying motorcycle concept detailed of bmw r1000 gs hover bike concept the bike looks so cool hope they ll mass produce this awesome machine one day as part of the bmw hover bike concept collaboration with lego technic the bmw hover bike concept incorporates the motorrad design dna with typical elements such as the box set engine that draw on the lego stylistic idiom this is a bmw lego technic hover bike you can a lego technic bmw r 1200 gs adventure it is a kit prising 603 parts that recreates in miniature the road going bmw r 1200 gs adventure all nice lego technic bmw hover bike concept is what we want in the bmw though decided to go a little crazy and build a real life replica of the r 1200 gs lego hover bike though it obviously doesn’t actually hover lego bmw motorcycle be es a concept hoverbike bmw has unveiled a life sized concept hoverbike based on a lego version of its bmw r 1200 gs adventure bike bmw and lego team up to build crazy r 1200 gs hover bike it all started with a motorcycle and a set of legos the bike in question is the bmw r 1200 gs adventure and it s a go anywhere two wheeler that lives up to its name bmw turns lego toy into irl hover bike geek the lego technic bmw r 1200 gs adventure is more than just a 603 piece model kit it is also the inspiration for bmw motorrad and lego technic’s hover ride design bmw s r1200gs hover bike concept lego technic builds r1200gs model then turns it into hover bike bmw does same with real thing q do bmw technicians have too much time on their hands vi malloy hoverbike – worlds first flying motorcycle the hoverbike is a large quadcopter the size of a small car with a electronic flight controller brain and a simple all electric drive system bmw builds flying motorcycle based on a lego modelling kit bmw reveals new flying motorcycle and you ll never believe what inspired it bmw has joined forces with lego technic to create a flying motorcycle concept the hover

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