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what exactly is the transmission malfunction warning i this sub reddit is dedicated to everything to bmw vehicles tuning racing motorsport and the munity of bmw drivers around the world bmw transmission malfunction via capture i m having problem with my 2009 bmw 35d does any one what to do i took it to dealer they said they did not find anything and charge me transmission malfunction warning light help e60 e61 2004 2010 bmw 5 series e60 sedan was first seen in the unites states in the fall of 2003 with a 2004 model year designation the e61 wagon followed shortly there after transmission malfunction message the ultimate bmw forum about a month ago while driving on the freeway my 2006 525i suddenly slow down from 80mph to 40mph and the message " transmission malfunction drive moderately and take your car to nearest bmw service " the experience was very scary i turned the car off and it started back after a minute and runs as if nothing happened it happened about two red and yellow transmission malfunction bmw m5 forum and unfortunately this week has been bad too me red and yellow cogs one after the other i have an 06 m5 with 85k miles and it does not have an transmission malfunction message xbimmers i will definitely ask a tech from peter pan bmw regarding this issue just was wondering if anyone else had seen this transmission malfunction warning e60 5post the car threw it s first transmission malfunction warning leaving the city at the end of the week the car was then towed to a bmw specialist in the city for an initial review their re mendation was the change the tranny fluid since the car had sat for close to 10 months and presumably started drive very little if that doesn t fix it then it would require additional investigation pick up bmw 5 series questions transmission malfunction cargurus transmission malfunction i have a 2006 bmw 530 xi the transmission malfunction light came on today and said drive moderately i have turned it off a bmw transmission fault warning light – round gear with bmw transmission fault warning light – round gear with exclamation point november 14 2012 this answer is applicable for many bmws in addition to the one listed below q car year 2004 car model 325i looked in the manual for the symbol round gear symbol with exclamation point in circle the book labels it as a wheel motion sensor why would that show up whats the remedy i think

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