Is Mercedes Better Than Bmw

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audi bmw or mercedes which should you audi bmw and mercedes names we all know brands we all recognise uk car ers can’t enough of these german cars – almost half a million were bought here bmw vs mercedes benz netivist bmw and mercedes benz are the most popular german brands of luxury cars both of them have earned the reputation for high quality powerful and well designed cars bmw and mercedes benz and are the preferred choice and a dream for millions of consumers worldwide line debate bmw is better than mercedes benz it was more into aircraft engines than cars mercedes makes all kinds of mercial vehicles trucks etc bmw only makes motorcycles in addition to its car lines mercedes owns chrysler bmw owns mini mercedes is a large corporation with lots of stockholders bmw is mostly privately owned by the quandt family new bmw 5 series vs mercedes e class the outgoing bmw 5 series was always going to be a tough act to follow but bmw has totally nailed it with its replacement in fact the new 5 series is so good that it’s better thought of as a more pact sharper driving and considerably better value 7 series than a step up from the 3 series audi vs bmw vs mercedes benz in the modern era the audi bmw and mercedes benz brands have be e more homogeneous as they’ve grown their product lineups and that’s not a good thing what s the best used executive car jaguar vs bmw audi drive in luxury for less than £17 000 we put an audi bmw jaguar and mercedes to the test to find the best used executive car by rob adams for thisismoney who s more reliable bmw audi or mercedes benz under six years all of the cars are relatively similar in terms of cost and reliability this is because the cars are pretty new and typically have less than bmw 7 series review better than a mercedes s class remember the james bond movie tomorrow never dies specifically the q supplied bmw 7 series which could be driven by remote control mercedes gla review better than a bmw x1 the telegraph mercedes is by no means the first manufacturer to build a hatchback sized car with an elevated driving position and the option of four wheel drive

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