Bmw X5 Motor Oil Recommended

what type of engine oil for bmw x5 capacity cararac re mended oil for engines of bmw x5 find out how much engine oil does your car need car a rac presents re mended by manufacturers oil types re mended oil for bmw service re mended oil for bmw service bmw vehicles are designed to require service less frequently than other makes allowing you more time on the road and less time in the shop bimmer drivers to avoid the 3 000 mile oil change and instead only need an oil service every 7 500 miles for their intermediate oil change and oil & safety service appointments pennzoil is now the re mended oil for bmw engines in january of 2015 bmw dropped castrol as its re mended oil supplier and switched to shell since shell is the producer on pennzoil motor oils pennzoil is now the re mended oil for bmw engines bmw x5 3 0d 2006 which oil confused with choices hi guys there seems to be many variations on what oil is best for the x5 3 0d can you guys please re mend an oil to use for the car and a brand to bmw e70 x5 correct oil type diagnostic world if you carry out your own bmw e70 x5 service on your driveway or perhaps you have the oil light or check engine oil symbol showing on your dashboard and simply need to top up it can be difficult making a decision because there are so many oil types on the market bmw re mended oils bimmerfile bmw re mended oils a while back we had reported bmwna was working on publishing a list of re mended oils to be used in gasoline engines this was a wel ed move as oil specifics have not been listed in the owner ‘s manual and some people like to have an independent garage or alone plete a mid re mended interval oil change then there is the occasional need to top the engine off engine oil for your bmw x5 e53 3 0 d 218hp engine oil bmw x5 e53 3 0 d 218hp car parts catalogue engine oil bmw close by continuing to browse this web site you accept the use of cookies and other tracers used to offer you services suitable to your areas of interest and to establish statistics correct oil for bmw x5 3 0i bob is the oil guy hi guys i managed to convince my friend and his dad to do their own oil changes they have a 2001 bmw x5 3 0i and the "correct" oil that was re mended by bmw is mobil 1 0w 40 which is what they put in bmw x5 fluid maintenance guide xoutpost bmw fluid maintenance guide engine oil bmw re mends 5w 30 weights 5w 40 for warmer climates and its list of approved synthetics are castrol syntec mobil e and of course the bmw synthetic motor oil from the dealer diesel motor oil just as a f u regarding diesel motor oil ecs has the best price for bmw diesel motor oil re mended for the 2011 x5 35d p n at 6 75 qt and in fact beats out the other brands that are "ok" to use from castrol professional to mobil 1 to pennzoil to amsoil i ordered a couple of quarts to have in between oil changes at the dealer

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