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history of bmw origin and history of bmw to the end of world war i rapp motorenwerke in 1913 bmw logo bmw roundel on a 1939 bmw motorcycle the name change to bayerische motoren werke pelled management to devise a new logo for the pany therefore the famous bmw trademark is designed and patented at this time however they remained true to the imagery of the previous rapp motorenwerke emblem bmw logo evolution bmw logo evolution this four minute video talks about the origins of the bmw logo dispelling the myth that the emblem was based upon rotating aircraft propellers bmw logo car brand names bmw logo bmw logo meaning and history e can hardly neglect the fact that bmw badge has be e one of the most recognizable logos in the world however by 1917 when bayerische motoren werke was officially licensed by franz josef popp the pany was a part of rapp motoren werke bmw logo history timeline and list of latest models bmw has be e a status symbol and have been through a long journey of changes let’s take a look at the bmw logo their history and list of latest models origins of the bmw logo and the spinning propeller myth e of the early bmw advertisements using the logo was in 1918 with the ‘falling roundels’ this was a positioning advertisement that was designed to establish the brand and give an indication to its current and future products bmw logo the bmw logo is widely regarded as one of the finest car logos in the history of graphic design shape of the bmw logo the bmw logo contains a think black circle which is bordered by a smooth silver outline holding pany’s name in a prominent position the core of the circle is broke up into four quadrants with national colors of bavaria – blue and white bmw logo bmwdrives bmw logo gallery the bmw roundel is one of the world s most recognized and revered mercial symbols in july 1917 franz josef popp registered the name bayerische motoren werke thus distancing the new pany from the rapp motoren werke bmw logo bmw logo the pany bayerische motoren werke ag was founded in 1916 in munich by the union of two small businesses — rapp flugmotoren werke and otto werke these establishments produce aircraft engines from 1913

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