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bmw logo bmw car symbol meaning emblem of car brand bmw logo bmw logo meaning and history e can hardly neglect the fact that bmw badge has be e one of the most recognizable logos in the world however by 1917 when bayerische motoren werke was officially licensed by franz josef popp the pany was a part of rapp motoren werke bmw logo meaning and history symbol bmw bmw logo meaning and history not all enterprises of automobile industry were immediately built as car manufacturers some of them began with spares the others – with bicycles and motorcycles the third ones– with aircraft engines and the first planes of aircraft the truth behind the origin of the bmw logo – bmw the truth is it was created from the national colors of bavaria blue and white which is of course part of the name of the pany the bmw pany was originally formed from rapp motor works and to see their logo one can understand how the bmw roundel evolved 10 famous logos that have a hidden meaning bmw the bmw logo is a section of the dimond patern and colours of the bavarian flag from were the pany was founded this information was revealed by the ceo of bmw on a national geographic documentary bmw logo bmw symbol meaning history and evolution the first and most obvious symbolic meaning of the image is an airplane rotating at high speed against the blue sky however there was another symbolic explanation of the logo and it has to do with chess bmw logo hd meaning information bmw logo black 2048×2048 hd bmw bavarian motor works is a german automobile pany founded in 1916 it also owns and produces mini cars and rolls royce motor cars bmw is one of three best selling luxury automakers in the world along with audi and mercedes benz the origin of the bmw logo pursuitist for bmw it was ‘a happy coincidence’ that the bmw logo symbolized the bavarian flag colors and represented the pany’s origin when the bmw logo was first created it was prohibited by the trademark act to feature ‘national coats of arms or other symbols of national sovereignty’ in a trademark secret the bmw logo origin colors meaning symbol the bmw logo might also have its blue and white cases because of its bavarian origin the colors of the bavarian flag are blue and white cases a lot of logos nowadays have just meaningless symbols many designers for that symbol should have meaning and background connected to the pany website event organization bmw bmw german [ˈbeːˈʔɛmˈveː] originally an initialism for bayerische motoren werke in german or bavarian motor works in english is a german multinational pany which currently produces luxury automobiles and motorcycles and also produced aircraft engines until 1945 bmw logo evolution bmw logo evolution this four minute video talks about the origins of the bmw logo dispelling the myth that the emblem was based upon rotating aircraft propellers

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