Bmw Oil Change Interval

the 15 000 mile bmw oil change myth the real damage done i ve always known oil change intervals to be the old 3 months 3 000 miles rule many modern cars go much longer bmws go by a 15 000 mile interval this bmw oil change intervals there has been a lot of discussion on the subject on bmw forums all over the concern is that the oil change intervals are too long 10 to 15 thousand miles re mended on the 3er i m assuming this is other bmw engines too traditionally oil changes have been around 5 to 7500 miles on most other cars bmw intermediate oil change service bmw intermediate oil change service an oil change for bmw vehicles requires a or rely on your service indicator lights or service interval system to tell bmw revises re mended oil change intervals to 10 000 bmw has changed its long time re mended oil change mileage intervals for all 2014 models and beyond the changes apply to all vehicles produced from july 2013 on previously bmw re mended a 15 000 mile 24 month condition based service interval but as of july 2013 the new basic interval will be every 10 000 miles 12 months oil change intervals bmw car club forum new member here so pardon if this question has been asked before i did check five pages back in this bmw oil change some years ago bmw introduced extended interval oil changes to their cars the bmw oil change interval is now 15 000 miles which in case you missed it is 5 times longer than the 3 000 mile interval that seems to have been ingrained in everyones memory bmw s official oil change interval instruction m3post hi as the title says i m looking for bmws official position or instruction on the oil change interval for my 2011 e90 m3 my manual says follow cbs and my cbs says bmw e46 oil change frequency technical matters bmw e46 oil change frequency john s the general view on this forum is that these longer intervals are probably not a good idea if bmw service packages find out more about the bmw service inclusive packages available for your bmw bmw service inclusive now also includes mot protect

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