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what is the history of british motor works there is no british motor works pany of historical significance but there was a prominent english car manufacturer named the british motor corporation that was founded in 1952 and designed and produced several well known vehicle brands including mg austin austin healey wolseley and riley bmw bmw german [ˈbeːˈʔɛmˈveː] originally an initialism for bayerische motoren werke in german or bavarian motor works in english is a german multinational pany which currently produces luxury automobiles and motorcycles and also produced aircraft engines until 1945 bmw british motor works bmw stands for british motor works bmw is defined as british motor works somewhat frequently bmw is defined as british motor works somewhat frequently printer friendly british motor works how is british motor works abbreviated acronym definition bmw bayerische motoren werke german bavarian motor works german auto manufacturer bmw boy meets world disney tv show bmw black magic woman santana so what does bmw stand for bavarian motor works has manufacturing plants in many countries including the united states therefore the cars do not have to be imported into the countries where they are sold bmw isn t only an acronym for the german automobile pany there are other bmw panies out there ce upon a time there was a pany in england named british motor works brooklyn machine works is currently a bmw british motor works motor trader there is no agenda except to reinforce bmw’s mitment to the uk with mini and rolls royce production and the engine plant at hams hall birmingham bmw abbreviation stands for british motor works british motor works definition categories type and other relevant information provided by all acronyms bmw stands for british motor works bmw as in british motor works bmw moa has anyone ever heard of a manufacturer in the 1940 s or 50 s from england called british motor works that built motorcycles a friend of mine swears he knew someone who had one

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